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A little bit about us and our doors.

What we do

Our promise to you is to offer plain and simple pricing: all pricing includes door furniture such as handles and hinges and fitting. All our doors are made to order. This means every composite door we make can be made in any size.  And regardless of the style of your home we're bound to have something to suit.

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who we are

We are a family run composite door business that have been supplying doors to the public for over 7 years now. All of our doors come with a full guarantee and our prices will not be matched by anyone.

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In recent years the home improvement industry in general and the entrance door business in particular has changed dramatically. The need for more secure products has driven design and materials to change dramatically. We deal here with the ever-popular entrance door replacement. For many years the PVCu front and back door has been a popular choice, mainly because there wasn’t much else to choose from. The introduction of composite doors some 15 years ago started a revolution in design, colour and style. No longer did we have to have a white plastic door, we could now choose from all the colours of the rainbow. The shortcomings of the early composite doors soon became evident. Most would utilise the same manufacturing methods as those used in the making of PVCu doors and would also use the same locking systems. The introduction of the composite door slab meant the start of the composite door as we know it today. These slabs are generally manufactured in the far east and imported in bulk in standard sizes and designs. UK companies would then machine the slab into the required size and fit the required glass content. These slabs are manufactured by various foreign companies and would have the skins made from different materials of different thickness. They will all be constructed the same way with a plastic edge, in some you may find a small strip of engineered timber,  the vast majority of the slab will be foam filled. All these slabs are 44mm thick with a skin each side that is 2 to 3mm thick. The inner core of foam is 38 to 40mm. The solid-core slab is 48mm thick with 16 cross layers engineered timber making the solid-core composite door the strongest and most secure entrance door available.